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Pajama Cat Studio

PJCat Studio got its official start in 2020, though my roots as a fursuit maker stem back almost a decade!

My first furry convention was Midwest Furfest 2009, at which I was first exposed to fursuits and fell in love with the art form. 2 years later I had created my own fursuit to wear to the convention, and I have continued making and improving ever since.

I find my inspiration in the challenge posed by bridging the gap between aesthetics and function. With each suit I strive to make it as comfortable and durable as I can, all while achieving a look that is up to par with my standards as an artist!

Nothing is more thrilling to me than sharing a client's excitement as I help them bring their character to life. A fursuit can take hundreds of hours of labor to complete but watching that character transform from a drawing to a real, living being is absolutely worth it!


The Artist

My name is Mimi, though in furry circles I go by Rouge!


I have always been an avid artist, but I began to take it seriously at the age of 11. I was deeply inspired by the online art communities for The Lion King, Warrior Cats, and pet sites such as Chicken Smoothie. The progression into furry artwork was only natural and the creativity, love, and enthusiasm posed by this community became my primary art inspiration ever since!

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