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Step 1: Get a Quote

Base prices can be found on the Prices page, but in order to get a more accurate price for your project you will need to submit a quote form detailing your project. Quote forms will be made available shortly before commission openings and will be announced via Twitter and linked on this site's Home page.

This form needs to include a visual reference sheet. While the reference sheet doesn't need to be "good" or professional, it does need to clearly portray the important elements of your design, including markings and colors.

Loka ref small.png

Step 2: Submit your project

When new commission submissions are open, you will be able to submit your quoted project for acceptance into the Pajama Cat project lineup. Commission openings will follow quote form openings and will also be announced via Twitter.

I do not take on many projects at a time, so I may have to be selective each opening in order to keep my load manageable! If your project does not get accepted, do not worry, you can always re-submit with the next commission opening.

Step 3: Contract & Payment

When your commission gets accepted, you will be required to pay the quoted price up front, accompanied by an independent contractor agreement meant to protect both me (the artist) and you (the client). Signing this contract means that you understand and agree to the Pajama Cat Studio Terms of Service.

An invoice will be sent via Square that can be paid with a credit/debit card or online payment services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Note that I cannot take payment plans due to the small size of my queue, but I encourage clients to look into options such as Square Credit if they desire to spread out their payments over time.

PJcat commgraphic2.png
PJcat commgraphic1.png

Step 4: Construction

After you have finalized your project's place in the Pajama Cat lineup, your project will be added to the queue, which can be viewed in detail on Trello!

You will then be asked to send in any body measurements necessary to make sure your costume is made to fit you!

A Duct Tape Dummy is NOT necessary to the Pajama Cat costume creation process. If you so desire, you can send one in to confirm fit, however I do not use a duct tape dummy to make my patterns.

I use measurements that you provide to construct a digital 3D model of your bodysuit. I then unwrap this model, similarly to a duct-tape-dummy bodysuit, and use it to construct your physical bodysuit.

You will then be able to watch the progress of your project on Trello, in addition to receiving email updates with photos of the project as it is worked on! You are free to give input at any point in this process so that I can make sure that your costume is exactly what you want!

Step 5: Shipping

When your project is done, you will be asked for a shipping address and quoted a price for shipping!

Your package will come with a tracking number by which you can follow its path to your doorstep.

Note that shipping is a separate fee from the initial costume price, as shipping cost can vary over time and destination. Be prepared to pay upwards of $100, especially if you are outside of the United States!

For clients in and around the Chicago area, in-person delivery can be arranged at a neutral public place in order to bypass the shipping fee and make sure the costume arrives safe in your hands!

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