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What to expect

Below is an overview of the features and attributes that come standard with a PJCat Studio fursuit! Each fursuit is made by hand to the specifications of the client. It's important to note that minor flaws and variations are to be expected by virtue of being a handmade work of wearable art, but I work hard to create the best costume that I possibly can for each of my clients!



  • Each head is unique and hand-sculpted from upholstery foam to best match the species and personality of the character

  • Ventilation through the mouth and eye mesh

  • Lycra lining on interior leaves no exposed foam

  • Every seam is hand-stitched

  • 2D eyes with painted and sealed vinyl mesh and plastic sclera

  • Static jaw

  • Mouth comes with bottom front teeth by default



  • 5-finger handpaws by default, even the puffy paws!

  • Pawpads are created via applique and slightly overstuffed for puffiness

  • Puffy paws are half-lined with lycra by default, but both puffy and slim paws can be fully lined upon request

  • Cuffed with minky at the wrist

  • Machine washable


  • Shaped with carved upholstery foam

  • Built on crocs for comfortable support

  • Lined with diamond quilted polyester

  • Cuffed with minky and L/R labels

  • Outdoor paws have durable rubber soles

  • Indoor paws have overstuffed applique pawpads

  • Digitigrade feetpaws have the lower leg padding built into the feet, and zip onto the bodysuit for a continuous shape



  • Sculpted digitally with measurements - no DTD needed!

  • All seams are reinforced with a machine overlock stitch - even the handsewn details!

  • Neck is cuffed with minky

  • Matrices-style lined zipper

  • Digitigrade suits padded with removable haunch pillows. Pillows are made of lycra and quilted polyester, and have zippers to access the stuffing

  • Machine washable



  • Zip onto the bodysuit, with belt loops for additional support if needed

  • Lined zipper along bottom of tail to access stuffing

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